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My Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall

I love gallery walls. I planned right from the get go of buying this house to do it along the stair wall. One thing I fell in love with in this house was the floor plan. The staircase is in the family room so a gallery wall is a perfect feature.

The first time I tried I hated it. I took it all down, filled the holes in and thought I called it a day. However, it kept nagging me that it was perfect place for a gallery wall. Then it dawned on me why I hated it – all of the frames were different whites. There are so many ranges of whites. So I took all of my frames and sprayed everything the same white. I labelled that paint so I always know in case I want to add anything to the wall. I just used a semi glass latex paint and my handy dandy critter paint gun.

I spray paint everything. Projects just look more even, no brush strokes. If its a hot day, you can go back every 15 mins and recoat. I won’t lie it takes several coats but I promise you will never regret spraying your projects!

Add interest by using all shapes and sizes of frames and wall decor. In addition to frames I made on picture with a  black background and a “hello” mirror that I bought at Hobby Lobby. I had a big “R” from the last house and painted that black as there are many black accents in this house. The walls are painted a silvery green gray color so the black and white looks great.

I found an ampersand at H.L, sanded, filled in edges with wood filler, primed and painted the same white. Those stripes are just black ribbon and sparkly black buckles woven through and stapled to the back. Kinda fun! Cheap too! I did the best I could to follow the angle. I have some more ideas that I will add in time. I’m glad this room is finally coming together. I hope you enjoy my gallery wall and it inspires you to do the same!

We still need to address the dated staircase, It doesn’t include keeping that carpet!

Also do you love my foyer light? So super beautiful, great feature to that space…look for it in my store coming soon!



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