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Silhouette Cameo Inspiration Pictures

I have owned my silhouette cameo for a couple months.I have worked on it tirelessly trying to figure out its’ quirks and fighting with crazy sticky vinyl but I love, love, love it! My daughter has even used it for a couple of her projects. Once you get through the learning curve the possibilities are endless.

So I just want to share one of my recent projects with you , mostly for inspiration. There are amazing people out there with all kinds of tutorials and their expertise is way beyond me, so my purpose is strictly inspiration maybe even motivation. Here are the people who do an amazing job teaching that I follow:

Silhouette School Blog

Cutting for Business

The Pinning Mama

Both of my designs are from the Silhouette Design Store


I bought some frames that had a lot of texture to them, the opening was about 10 x 13″. I never look for the perfect frame. I look for a frame that meets my design elements and then always upcycle with paint. I based coated the frame with Renaissance furniture paint in Snow. Then I dry brush a very little of Midnight black , also Renaissance . Then I also dry brushed a teeny bit of patina milk paint from General Finishes. These 2 paints are my absolute favorite, I feel like they give me more wet time and less brush stroke, renaissance Snow has great white coverage.

When I dry brush , I use a big stencil brush, you can use an old chippy brush too. I barely dip it in the lid of the paint can picking up very little paint, then I dry it off on a paper towel then just skim over my frame here and there, overlapping colors, sometimes I take another clean brush and go over again.

So the fun part comes with the background! It’s fabric!

I cut my fabric about 3 inches larger than the cardboard insert that comes with the frame. It came with a mat but I removed that(save that for something else, trust me I’ll come up with something). I ironed it and starched it heavily to give it a little more stiffness.


Then I centered the cardboard insert, flipped it over and just taped it to the back,shorter sides first then the longer sides.


I made my design and adjust the size. I used High Gloss Black oracal vinyl from here. I made sure my glass was super clean with a vinegar glass cleaner and let it dry. I attached my images with transfer paper after weeding. Be patient there is some tiny stuff here to weed! Then I prayed super hard that I was centered. Next time I’m going to try and put down blue tape as a guide. It worked.If its off center it isn’t by much!

Then I put the glass in, cleaned it again, put my fabric covered cardboard in and whala.. beautiful pictures for my home! Love love love it, I am so happy with these!

Oh yeah and the fabric? It’s from my store, a simple blotchy polka dot with black and teal tones get it here.

I hope you are inspired to go make something special for your home!


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