Upcycled Shutter

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Like so many, I too love finding great junk and turning it into something really beautiful. I got a bunch of shutters for about $15 each and have had a great time painting them. I was going to sell this but I am so in love with it! What do you think?

Sorry for pictures, This is in a tiny little hallway that connects to my craft room so kinda difficult to get great full on photos. Doesn’t help that Syracuse is constant gloom! The paint is General Finishes Patina Green. I love this paint and color. I also dry brushed with white and a dirty brush with a touch of black to give pure grays.  I added 4 crystal knobs and bought frames that hang with ribbon. They were cream so they got painted white and I changed the ribbon to a twisted nautical kinds cord to make it feel informal. I made the little bunting out of Art Gallery Fabric Lillybelle. Don’t forget to make some yo yo flower embellishments! I just used heavy duty “D” hooks to hand it. I made sure my screws went into wood to hold the weight.

Hope you love it and it inspires you to go get an ugly shutter and make it something beautiful! This is one of the easiest projects! I honestly didn’t even solidly paint it, you can see some of the original color, so super simple!

Here’s my black upcycled shutter( scroll down for pics)

Here’s how I made my inspiration pics!

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