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Buttermilk Basin Give Thanks quilt


As I pack up for the Bayberry Quilter Quilt Show with all of my fabric and felt, Im trying to put together  few quilt kits and love Stacy West of Buttermilk Basin. This post is to show you my interpretation of her pattern. With so few Thanksgiving decorations this is has turned out really lovely! Hop you enjoy and follow along for more!


These are my colors that I’ve chosen from my felt shop .

They range from butternut squash colors, pumpkins, include whites and garnet for the flowers/pomegranates and greens for all the ivy, Gray are the urn

Here’s the pattern in my shop

I know the lighting is bad. I am in a hurry to pull this together for the show


The fabrics were all from my stash , a few are Fig Tree fabrics. So dig though your stash and pull out your cinnamon color fabrics.

Give Thanks is black

Garnet – Large flower in Squash Block, turkey gobbler and the back leaves and the pomegranates.

Darkest Gray – the urn and the bird wing

Secret Garden is the name of my darkest Olive green, in the kit there is a large sheet of this color and a medium dark pea color you need these long sheets for vine on the pomegranate block, I did mine in the medium pea color So I used the darkest Olive for the vines in the turkey block, the top leaf in the same block, the pumpkin stem in the pomegranate block, and the stem in the tall squash in the urn block.

I used the med pea green for that big long vine in the pomegranate- cut first- and the upper leaves ,  flower stem in the urn block, the upper leaves in the pomegranate block

Golden Honey- for the gourd  and the inside of leaves in the turkey block

Flax and Camel make up the tall squash

Bittersweet Chocolate for the turkey face and wing ,hole in the gourd, tops of acorns

Sage (light pea green) for lower leaves, vine on tall pumpkin,

White and cream for the flowers, turkey jacket and the pennies

theres a multitude of colors to use for the leaves, the acorn bottoms the band on turkeys hat

My pennies are layered black, nutmeg and white .

I used buttons instead of tiny circles that the pattern designer used.

I also made a mistake, I cut each fabric block bigger thinking that the edges would ravel and I would cut them down when I was finished. Unfortunately, I made the pomegranate block too big. I wasn’t redoing it so I made a set of paint keys to fill in on the bottom of the urn block and the side of the Give Thanks block. I actually like the little bit of scrappy look this adds,

As of the writing I have not quilted it, when I do I will add updated pictures. This turned out really lovely and I am super happy with, Hope this helps!


Sew Happy Day!, Colleen

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