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How can you not love this fabric collection?!!


Template quilting has become very popular. I was super happy with this set from Jillily Studio,  Perfect Pieces.

There’s 4 templates, they are see through and the red has a gripper feeling to it, It includes simple great directions on the back.

One thing I recommend is a revolving cutting mat. I bought mine from Joanns with coupon, For less than $20 I was super happy! It made life easier. I did a few without it and said not worth it just buy it!

I broke that fat quarter bundle down and used about half of it.

I cut 3 1/2″ strips from my print fabric from the Vintage Adventure.(directions are on back of packages) You need to have at least 4 triangles from the same fabric.

This is scrappy but each 6″ block has 4 same printed fabric and 4 white kite shape fabric.

Use your rotating mat and a small rotary cutter, be very careful cutting!

Here’s the layout, I sewed the print triangle on top of the white kite shape matching the template cutouts and such. That was the nice thing about templates, they matched up nicely.

you will need 36 blocks, 6 x 6

I love when quilts make a secondary pattern. In this kaleidoscope type pattern the white kite shapes form a star. To emphasize that even more I thought it might be sweet to put a square in the star.

To do this cut 1 1/2inch squares, marked them on the diagonal, wrong side, line up red square on one corner and its opposite and then a white print on the other opposite corners, sew on the marked line, trim away excess and press open.


After I made 36 blocks, I laid them out, mixed them up for that scrappy look, and made sure the little triangles that make the square in the star all go the same direction!

Sew your blocks into rows and then the rows to one another to make a square.



I put a little red Swiss dot border first around the quilt to give it that vintage pop. They are 1 1/2″ strips, sides first, trim and top and bottom next, trim,

For the borders I cut 6 1/2 inch strips from the white and 3 inch strip from the vintage bicycles in mint. RST sew them and then attach to sides of quilt white touching the red Swiss border, trim.


For the top and bottom: Measure your top and bottom, they should be 38 1/2″ sew a white and mint strip together like your sides and cut to the size of your top and bottom including seam allowances, The corner squares are 9″ and you should be able to cut them from your fat quarter, I did! You need 4,  Attach a square to each side of your top and bottom. Attach to your quilt.


Keep in mind your corner squares are directional and I did them facing into the quilt.

The graphics and text are all cut from a silhouette cameo with heat transfer vinyl. I buy a lot of graphics and fonts from Hungryjpeg

The little saying is “blessed are the curious for they shall have adventure” I just searched Pinterest for adventure quotes and then used some elements from the fabric, camper, plane, hot air ballon. I applied my HTV with a heat press per manufacturer guidelines.


For the quilting: I backed it with a chevron dream minkee type fabric. In order to use this you really have to stitch everything in place well. I did stitch in the ditch where every block connected. I pinned heavily on both sides of the seam, sewed that down and then put it back on my island and re flattened and repined the next seam. Always work away from what you just sewed. I did the middle seam the the seam on each side, don’t go and do the first seam and work towards the middle, you will have bunching and bulk.



Once I had all the seams stitched in ditch of the main quilt, I did the red tiny border. I wanted to bring out the secondary star shaped that you see when you join blocks, I did a little 1/4 wavy line around the star and then a little stippling in the whitest area.

I did a cross hatch on the large borders starting and ending at the corner squares. The corner squares are just straight stitched on a 45 degree angle , draw a line from the inner corner that touches the red towards the opposite corner. I did a 1 1/2 cross hatch that I marked with a Hera marker. After quilting I decided to cut corners off the corner squares. I thought it would add to that vintage feel. I measured 5 inches from the corner square where it meets the double border, measure up from there 5 inches towards the outside corner.Do this on both sides of the square, draw a line connecting the 2 marks, trim off at that mark. I trimmed up and basted all the edges. I basted a white 5/8 rich rack all the way around and then did the binding in the same red Swiss dot.

I hope you have fun with your vintage adventure bundle like I did! Such a fun quilt with such fun fabric!

Thanks for sewing with me and have a great day! Colleen

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