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Pumpkin Face Banner


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I love Halloween! I love to make holiday things too! This is super simple little banner to make for a cutesy Halloween decor. Have fun sewing this little project!

Make this simple Halloween banner for perfect addition to your decor!
Sweet pumpkin face banner decoration!


I broke open my Cats, Bats and Jacks bundle from Riley Blake Designs.


So super cute! This project did not use very much fabric, and honestly it would have been better if I had done a big project first and used scraps from it. So definitely a scrap worthy project!

So I just trimmed multiple 4 inch strips either off the bottom or side.


Then from some scrap black fabric I cut out the banner shape plus about half  – 3/4 inch extra all the way around. I tried a couple ways, the best way that I ended up liking was string piecing the banner.

Heres your pattern banner_pattern

So for the string piecing, I took a black banner shape and put a print strip right side up along the top edge of banner, then I added a 2nd print strip to the lower edge of the fabric you just put down but RST ( right sides together) and sew across, open up the seam and finger press and keep adding strips.

Your banner is about 7-8″ long, I sub cut those bigger strips into small 1 -11/2 inch strips to give that scrappy feel.

Keep adding strips until the black banner is completely covered, I then pressed the entire shape. Use your pattern, mark an edge all the way around. With a small stitch, stitch about 1/4′ around your banner, yes it is a raw edge project but should hold up fine, Then I added the smallest black ric rac on the 2 sides, not the top of the triangle.

The faces are cut from black glitter heat transfer vinyl on a plot cutter and ironed on to the orange fabric.

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Sweet Halloween Banner Idea
Make this super cute Halloween Banner in time for Halloween, Quick Scrappy project!

I did 5 banners with the pumpkin face. I always did a print top strip on top, then either a big orange block or another small strip. The faces are about 2 1/2″ so the orange was 3-4″ and then I added more strips. There’s really no cut and dry way of doing this.

In between I did 4 all string pieced banners.



Each one got the baby black ric rack.

I trimmed the top edge to about 1/8th” because each banner was going into bias trim and there wasn’t a lot of room.



I used almost a whole package of double fold bias trim, 1/4″. I sewed it close for the first 10″ and then inserted my first banner piece into the fold and sewed it close, adding the banners, alternating face and plain string pieced until all 9 were sewn in.  Again sew close about 10 inches at the end.


I made a bunch of yo-yo’s with the scraps, I did singles and doubles with black and orange buttons, I used left over ric rac and made some “tails”. I added a black raven, key and some tassels lending to the season! I used hot glue to attach them to the banner.

I think I would’ve sewn a washer to the back side of the banner to keep them weighted. They do sorta of curl at the end.




And then hang them with the long ends, I tied them around a tiny white nails.



Happy Halloween! Have super fun making and decorating!

Thanks for stopping by! Colleen

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