Give Block in Felt Appliqué

Haven’t posted in while, like all of you just crazy busy!

I love felt, I love a hand project in the evening when winding down, so the two go great together. I love Nancy Halvorsen too. All her projects are cute. This project is from her very popular Imagine booklet. 


IMG_4712_give_3This is the “Give” block and instead I fabric I just did it in felt. Here is the felt kit I used in my shop.

IMG_4717_give_2I use heat and bond lite, trace the shapes. I did this on a light box with the paper pattern flipped over so the shapes looked reversed. You can do freezer paper sheets as well and then just use some dabs of fabric glue to hold the shapes in place until you stitch them down. The heat and bond just allows me to fuse the whole project and not have to worry about cutting out another piece, placing it, possibly losing it.

I made a scrappy background of 4/12 inch squares in shades of gray.



I just used a simple blanket stitch with matching thread.

For the “give” sign I just used a raw edge appliqué technique and when I was quilting I just free motioned quilted around the letters a couple of times.

You can add veins to the leaves or even machine quilt on the shapes after your all done like I did.

I actually just made it into a small wall hanging and curved the corners so that I could use a gingham bias that I bought.

I cut the curves out after the project was done along with the quilting. It just made it easier to ease the quilt sandwich in to the bias. Then I used that bias and made a sweet little bow to decorate the little basket.IMG_4648




super simple project, make sure you check out all the other felt post in the past and more to come! ( cause I love felt projects!)


Enjoy! Thanks for stopping by!


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