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101 MapleStreet Pillow

We’re not even close to fall yet, but sometimes thats the best time to make things. This is a cute little pillow made from Bunny Hill Designs Woolums Pincushion pattern found here in my ETSY Shop

It features her fabric collection 101 Maple Street.

I just took the pattern and made it into a little pillow. Here’s how I did it:

For the dog, cut (8) 2 1/2″ squares from background fabrics, I used multiple fabric to make it scrappy. Sew them together  to make a rectangle 2 x 4 squares.  The dog is centered on this rectangle. Then add to each short side a 11/2×41/2″ rectangle  all sewn this should measure 4 1/2 inch by 10 1/2″

The squirrel and mushroom block are on a 5″ square background. They are connected by a 11/2″ x 5″ rectangle. This top section should measure 101/2″ x 5″

The center band to connect the upper squirrel /mushroom and lower dog is a 11/2″  x 81/2″ivory rectangle. Sew a 11/2 inch brown square to each side of this rectangle.

Now sew all 3 sections together.  After the square was sewn together I basted the outer edge and then did all my felt appliqué.

After I completed the inner square, I used a nutmeg stripe from my bundle to make a little border. These were 1″ pieces. I sewed the sides, trimmed and sewed the top and bottom.

For my piano key border, I used 3 different fat quarters and cut 2 strips 3″ x 20″ out of each of the 3 fat quarters. Then I sewed them to make a big strip border. I did blue/nutmeg/brown. I sub cut the strip panel into 3″” sections and sewed  11 piano keys together. I just removed the extra paint key and added it to the next side.




I sewed 11 piano keys to each side. The the top and bottom I added a red 3″ square. So to each of the 11 piano keys for top/bottom add a red square to beginning and end. Then sew the top and bottom together.


I added a piece of flannel to the back of the finished pillow front.I just did a small meandering quilt stitch in the center block only.

I do an envelope backing to all my pillows so I can change then out easily and then I did the binding with a blue dot form the bundle.

That’s it! I loved it so much I can’t wait to wait some more pillows to match this. I loved this color combination!


Have unmaking something great today! Thanks for stopping by, Colleen.



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