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My Orchard Quilt, Block 2

I’m getting ready to travel with the quilt shop and it’s super important to bring samples. So I am diligently doing that and trying to create my own thing so that I can blog about it too.  So this is block 2 for my Orchard quilt.

Here’s block one instructions.

Dresden Plate Quilt Block

I probably made up 13 different versions before I decided on this one. So there’s more design coming.

Out of the remaining 8 fat quarters I cut 64  3″  blocks. The center of block 2 is just a scrappy block quilt that is 4 rows of 4 squares and set on point. I laid out my blocks into planned rows.Row 1 and 3 are the same as is row 2 and 4.


Sew your rows and then iron seams for rows 1 and 3 one direction and then row 2 and 4 iron the other direction.

Sew your rows together. You will have 4 blocks total.

Out of the cream colored background I cut 8 8″ squares. Cut them all on the diagonal just once for 2 rectangles.

Sew 2 triangles on, opposite sides and then press the seam open and sew the remaining 2 triangles to other adjacent sides.


Then square this block up to a 14.5″ square.


I did the squaring up by measuring 1/4″ away from the point seam and then keeping the line 14 to the left going thru the points.

When I laid all my blocks out I decided to add a little more.

I cut (16) 2.5″ squares out of the green with cherries. Mark a diagonal line thru them all.


Using the picture you will attach these green blocks to certain corners to create a secondary element. I had all my blocks laid out on the floor so it was easier to see where they needed to be.


Stay tuned for the finishing instructions! Thanks for stopping by, make something great today! Colleen


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