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Trick Or Treat Churn Dash Block

Gone Batty Panel turned into separate little mini quilts.

This was the second little quilt I made out of my Gone Batty Panel. My goal with this panel is to cut each square and make a little quilt out of it and hang it on a clothesline in my sewing room. I just love Halloween so much!

So this is the Trick or treat give me something sweet block. I trimmed it 1/4″ around and its a smidge bigger than 8.5″ square. My churn dash is made out of some orange fabric that I have and some black spider web fabric.

You will need 4 rectangles of each fabric 2″ x 8 5/8, sew one orange to one black on the long side.

Then I cut 2 4 inch squares from the orange and the black. However my small spider fabric didn’t have enough and I used a larger spiderweb fabric. Mark the orange squares on the diagonal and then match them right sides together one orange and one black, sew 1/4″ away from each side of your marked line. Then cut them apart on the line, press. Trim to 3″ square

I arranged my block on the table and then joined everything together, first attaching the half square triangles(HST) on top  of the long rectangle then the bottom HST to the lower edge of the long rectangle.

Assemble your components for your block to make sure everything is making sense before you go to sew.

I sewed a long orange back rectangle to the top and bottom of the trick or treat square. So essentially you have 3 sections, sew each of the sections together for one square.

I did trim the center block before attaching the sides.

Simple little mini quilt as part of a collection of mini quilts from Gone Batty Panel.

I just simply quilted my block around the inside square and the churn dash. My favorite sewing machine is currently being serviced and I’m working on my not so favorite sewing machine. It doesn’t do a great job but it’s all I got. Add your binding,


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