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Simple Baby Quilt

Here’s a quick quilt idea for a baby quilt to make and gift.

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This quilt is made with a super simple template system from Quilter’s Paradise, Slit and Sew System. I just used the small apple core template.

For my Project I used 6 fat quarters, out of each fat quarter I could get 15 cores. I cut 5 inch strips and then layered 4 at a time, Use a fresh blade on a 28mm rotary cutter. You really need a rotating cutting mat. I cut 2 sides, folded the extra fabric not the mat,  rotated the mat and cut the other 2 sides. Then I used my rotary cutter to drive into the slits.

The manufacturer does a great job explaining how to start sewing your core shapes together, it feels backwards but is correct! I never pinned, I just matched my slits. Where my slits came close to my sewing edge I did back tack at those areas. Most common were the beginning of the curve.


I just kept working in rows and then sewed rows together same way, matching slits.


To finish I used a bias binding, all cut on a 45 degree, I do 13/4″ and then fold in half. Took a little longer. You could square the quilt off but a nice finish and just a little more effort!

For quilting I used my free motion foot as a guide and just sewed vertical both sides of the core, a great baby quilt!


Hope you enjoyed this project , Thanks for stopping! Colleen

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