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Christmas Gift Jar Idea

This little project turned out so sweet!

I do love retro things and Christmas has the best retro decorations! I try to do something special for the girls I work with. I work in a pediatric urgent care and we have been incredibly busy as the other pediatric urgent care closed and we are short a nurse.  I just like to do something to show them how much they mean to me and the department.

I bought these retro socks a long time ago, probably back in July.

I love all the new Putz house and wanted to create something to go along with the socks. I found all of the little pastel deer and snowman ornaments at Target. I have to tell you they have been sold out. I bought a ton because I really wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them. So if you bought them too not knowing what to do this is a cute project.


I bought wide mouth mason jars, cleaned all the pieces in the dishwasher and made sure everything was dry. My thinking was a cute candy jar after the socks have been removed.

I used my Sizzix big shot and cut out 8 circles for the inner lid. I applied them to the lid with a glue gun and spread the felt out a little so that it would be under the lid band once I assembled it.

I used a glitter type snow product that I bought at Target. That was located in the crafting isle on an end cap with Christmas crafts. I used my glue gun and made a spiral of glue. I had a handful of snow on a plate and then holding the lid over the plate I scooped up sew not the glue and pressed hard. I flipped the lid over, tapped the back to get the extra snow off.

I then assembled the lid, the ring and the jar. I used little bottle brush trees.  Please note these are not bleachable. I used one pastel reindeer and 1 snowman. I attached them all with hot glue gun. If I got too much glue I just quickly brought it to my son plate and added more snow.

I finished it off by adding some baker’s twine, also at Target in the gift wrapping section and a tiny ornament also at Target. I actually tried decorating the ring with baby pompom trim and rich raw but didn’t like nearly as well as just this simply twine and ornament.

I stuffed the socks in there, wanted to top it with candy but no room. I’m just going to put them in some little gift bags to present them to the girls.

I hope you love this sweet little project. Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas!


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