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Birdie Quilt





This is a super simple quilt to make. I did this quilt quickly for a show that I traveled to with the shop.

This is truly a quilt where your fabric does all the work!

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The kit contains 1 yard birdie panel, 15 fat quarters of soda ombre metallic confetti and 1 yard of the black floral.

Cut your birdie panel into individual rectangles. I had to hand cut mine. I used Karen Kay Buckley’s scissors. They are uber sharp and precise.

Each birdie rectangle is approximately 4 and 3/8″ x 6″. The rectangle is a little smaller but I treated it as this dimension.

You will need 42 of the birdie rectangles.

From the Ombre Confetti fat quarters cut strips 6′ x WOF (width of fabric, fat quarter should be 20-22′). I laid them 4 layers and then cross cut at 43/8″.

You will need 123 rectangles from the ombre fat quarters. I used 15 different colors plus this fabric is amazing because each rectangle can look different with the range of color in one fat quarter.

When laying this out I had 4 different rows that I kept repeating.

Sew row 1 start with a Bird then add 3 colors, another bird, 3 colors etc

Sew row 2 starting with 2 colors, a bird, 3 color rectangle, bird, etc.

Sew row 3 1 color rectangle, a bird, 3 colors, a bid, 3 colors etc.

Sew row 4 3 colors, a bird, 3 colors, etc.

Continue with the rows until you have 11 rows,

Sew your rows together.

Keep in mind that the birdie rectangles are a smidge below 6″ so I used the colored rectangles as my guide.

The black border is 2.5″ strips, cut 8 strips 2.5″ x WOF, sew 2 strips together t make 4 long strips. I made 45 degree cuts and then sewed the strips together.

Sew one long strip t the sides trim and square and then 2 long strips to top and bottom

Quilt and then bind with the remaining black fabric

I love this quilt, So easy, very pretty, the pictures really don’t do it justice. I’m excited to quilt it, have a few ideas, stay tined for that!


Thanks for stopping in! Make something amazing! Stay inside and be well.




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