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Autumn Vintage Truck Cross Stitch Project

I love Decorating for Fall. Here in New York Fall is beautiful. This Cross Stitch project was a great addition to my home this year.

I don’t carry a lot of cross stitch items in my shop but when Beverly McCullough of Flamingo Toes designed a couple of cross stitch patterns I carried a few. I just love this sweet Autumn Vintage truck Pattern! Here is the link to her shop to check out her quilt and cross stitch patterns.

Check out my shop!

I used 28 count cloth and 2 strands floss over 2 squares so like a 14 Count cloth in this autumn cross stitch project. I also changed some colors, the truck is more teal, there’s a cream pumpkin. So make it your own!

When I was done, I cleaned it quick in warm soapy water by hand, rinsed and rolled in a towel to squeeze excess then I pressed it till mostly dry.

I used Press on Stick Boards, You can get them a local hobby shops or Amazon. I used the paper from the frame and my rotary cutter/ ruler to trim my board to frame size. I just took my time center my piece. When I was happy then I made sure the black threads were well behind the stitches. I used my fine tip scissors with the tips closed. Then I pressed down hard, trimmed away extra cloth.

My Frame was from Amazon.

It was the perfect color to match my new old vintage door! This door was found at my favorite kind of recycled type shop Rummage Heaven.

Originally she did not want to sell it but it was so perfect for my house that she agreed for the right price !

This was the door in the shop, sorta hiding in the basement. Check out the wooden door knob, I have never seen that before.

The contractor just loved this project!

okay back to my cross stitch project. I had some autumn plaid fabric to use as a little border, it was too much empty space. I cut the strips 1.5” folded them in half wrong sides together and pressed. I used a little Elmer’s glue at the edge to keep the strips in place.

The other thing I did do different I made the back of the truck look like a wooden sides.

That’s it! This Autumn Cross Stitch pattern makes a great addition to my fall decor and was quick to stitch! The picket fence is a find from Rummage Heaven as well, it’s a great place for a picture or some other decor. I hope you enjoyed the post and it insores you to create something beautiful!

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