Buttermilk Basin Give Thanks quilt

As I pack up for the Bayberry Quilter Quilt Show with all of my fabric and felt, Im trying to put together ¬†few quilt kits and love Stacy West of Buttermilk Basin. This post is to show you my interpretation of her pattern. With so few Thanksgiving decorations this is has turned out really lovely!… Continue reading Buttermilk Basin Give Thanks quilt


Boho Birdie and Feather Felt Pillow

I love wool and felt. Maybe it's the influence of living up north and the cold.s. These fabrics are the most forgiving fabrics and so versatile. I have a decent stash, ahem, OK maybe bigger than that. In addition to this fabric I love the look of free motion feathers and normally when I do… Continue reading Boho Birdie and Feather Felt Pillow


Hand Dyeing Wool Felt

I have been dyeing fabric for a bajillion years and love it. I feel like it's instant gratification. With all the popular felt projects and fall coming I thought I would see if I could dye wool/wool felt. I bought some 100% wool that takes the dye as more pastel in color but the National… Continue reading Hand Dyeing Wool Felt