Making Storage work as Decorating too!

We moved into our builder basic home about a year ago and I’m having a great time trying to get it to look a little unique and make it ours. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve moved in my 30 years of marriage. From all these moves there’s one piece of advice I have when buying a new home. I am a storage freak. I like everything to have a place of it’s own. I learned that chances are you will not have the storage set up exactly the same and you will need to reinvent ways to make it work. I think that it’s so fun to go “shopping” in your “things” to see how can you use if differently and make storage and organization work for you. Here’s a few of the things I did in my home:

Metal box from Home Goods kept on laundry room counter, ! set of cleaning supplies for everything saves storage in bathrooms for other things!IMG_0297



I used candy jars I bought and added medallion elements to and then painted the lids a blue green that is an accent color through master area. Super simple and great for cotton balls and eye shadows. Cute locker storage in similar color hold other makeup a. The lined basket hold the jewelry I wear the most and q-tip storage in the mason jar. I guess I should paint the ring to make it blend, I’ll get to that!
All kinds of boxes for office supplies that are minimally used or even picture storage, file away with subject index cards to keep organized
Great big jars for holding craft supplies
small jars for small things
Pretty bowls hold threads/buttons
So simple, Pedestals are found everywhere! great place for keeping dishwashing supplies that you use everyday

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