Upcycling Old Chair, some tips up my sleeves

I love to do every thing myself. I worked on my daughter’s room first when we bought this house as she is in college and I wanted the room to be special when she comes home. Love my topiary? Here’s directions

Her desk was all set except for a chair. It was an old vanity and needed a small seat chair. Found it! Took me a bit but I found it one day shopping in Rochester. Paid $25 so I was happy.

TIP 1- make sure your chair does not smell! It is very difficult to get smells out of furniture

TIP 2-there are lots of blogs about painting furniture. I’m going to add my 2 cents. I think Annie Sloan is ok. It serves it’s purpose for some things. For me it dries way too quickly and leaves brush strokes. Do I use it? absolutely but not for this. I used primer and Sherwin Williams white latex semi gloss.

TIP 3- always use a small container with your paint, not dipping your brush in the actual can, your will lower your paint dry time.

TIP 4- sand. I know lots of people say no need to sand, I disagree is all. Your finished product will make you much more happier.

TIP 5-make a solution 1/2 white vinegar rubbing alcohol. I use this to clean all surfaces before painting to clean and remove the greasy residue.

I removed the seat and all the hardware and the top layer of fabric. Be very careful removing those tiny nails and I throw them away in a paper cup crushed in to no one gets hurt.

I had some left over fabric from her curtains, a medium weight cotton . Cut your fabric a couple inches bigger all the way around. I also used the original seat but I did put a fresh layer of batting on top of the wrong side of fabric. Lay your seat down on your fabric?batting and use a staple gun to secure all the fabric to the underside.  I do the corners first by bringing them up and stapling at the point. then do each side so your wrapping a package essentially and stapling instead of taping. Pull fairly tight as you work your way around.IMG_0097.JPG

There you have it, pretty little chair to fit her needs perfectly. I love looking at ugly and seeing the possibilities!



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