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Sweetheart Conversation Plates

I love thrift shopping. I never go with any expectations so I was super thrilled when I found this valentine plates from pottery barn for .99 each! I snagged them immediately and knew exactly what I would do with them. Truthfully I don’t know if they are still available in the stores or online. But I did see that Target had something similar for $3, gotta love Target!img_0193

So I am aware this is a project for those with a cutting machine, I’m sure you can find someone on Etsy to custom make these little sweetheart conversation decals to put on store bought plates for those that don’t have a machine.

I love fonts and admit that I have spent a little bit on them. I always buy font packages and look forward to when a new one is released. I love playing with them. I get my fonts from Hungry jpg, Design Cuts, and Creative Market ( may have affiliate link and I might get a small commission).  There are many free fonts out there as well, just make sure if you are selling this as a final product you have a proper commercial license to do that. Make sure you sign up for the weekly free giveaways that each of these companies have.

This is a perfect project for using all kinds of fonts, skinny, scripty, whimsical, Nothing was complicated and weeding the vinyl was super easy. I didn’t even worry about being straight. Make sure you wash your plates and I actually wipe them with rubbing alcohol after washing.

Here’s some ideas for your conversation plates:

Be True, Sweet pea, I heart you, XOXO, My Boy, You Rock, Too Cool, Be Mine, Be Sassy, Be Sweet, My Girl, Darling, I love You, Sweet Kisses, Hug Me, Dear one, True Love, There are so many other phrases!

Enjoy this super simple valentine project sure to make desert or snack special. You could also hang then on the wall with command strips!


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