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I’m not a big Valentine’ days decorator, I’m lucky to get a couple of things out, especially now that there’s no kids at home. I do however, have a super cute old chair next to my grandma’s piano that I like to put little decorated pillows and change them out. So this here is what I came up with.

I’m not going to lie, I have a sizzix and I use it when ever I can. I strongly encourage, if you belong to a guild or craft group you make an investment as a group. Some of my dies I use tirelessly. It just gives crisp detail to everything. So I actually cut my hearts on my sizzix. I took fabrics from a 5 inch charm pack. I fused wonder under to the wrong side of fabric, left the paper intact and ran through the sizzix with my fabi heart die. If you don’t have a sizzix here’s some directions.

First download the pattern I traced (there are multiple items traced on this pattern)feather-and-circle010

I like wonder under or heat and bond lite for fusible product (affiliate link).After printing out the templates, trace your hearts on the paper side of your fusible product (the shiny side is the adhesive). You can actually trace on a window if your having a difficult time seeing. I darken up my lines on my pattern with a sharpie as well.

Rough cut your shapes out, Do not cut on the lines yet!

Then following manufacturer instructions, fuse your shapes to the wrong side of your fabric

Once cooled, then cut your shape out, I usually cut to the inside of my marked line.

Remove the paper and fuse to your fabric for your pillow. I used a 20″ square(some of this will be waste). I just scattered the hearts all over, no rhyme or reason. Use a light pressing cloth ( I use scrap muslin), this prevents dirt from iron from getting on white fabric.


Then when everything was fused, I marked my pillow top. I used my clover marking tool in pink, Had I to do it again I would have just used a hera marking tool. Mt thinking was that I would wash it and make it look old, however, the marks did not wash out, so it looks fine but had I marked it in another color it wouldn’t. I just simply marked 1 1/2″ diagonal lines, I marked all the lines one directional. Then make a quilt sandwich with scrap of batting and backing. Make sure if your doing white fabric behind your hearts that your backing is white as well.

I actually used red DMC floss and just hand quilted the diagonal lines that way. Just wanted to do something different. After stitching the lines one direction then I marked the other side, same way.



After hand quilting, I marked a square about 18 1/2″.I did not cut, yet, because I didn’t want the hand stitching to not be secured. I stitched the square, then attached a pom pom fringe, then trimmed. I always finish my pillows envelope style so that I can change them out with out buying more forms, Saves on space too!


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