Merrie Christmas in nontraditional colors

I’m all about Buttermilk Basin patterns. Although I would have loved to have completed this quilt before the show it didn’t quite happen, such is life right. I rarely accomplish my goals, of course if I set more reasonable goals I might or if I didn’t sleep then I might.

So I love this quilt and I thought I would do something a little different. I thought this would look great in grays, pinks and teals so this is where I’m at so far! Follow along as I post more blocks. This would be a fun Block of the month quilt with a group even though we are running out of months to Christmas.


This is a pic of the pattern, you can buy it here

In the pattern it looks like she does the letters in reds and pinks, I choose 2 shades of gray and pink…so far since I haven’t gotten the whole thing done.

dark gray-Wrought Iron-is the “C”, the wing on bird in “H”

white snow, ornament, present in “R” snowman and dove

Pine needle- is the darker green in the holly in block”C”, the Christmas tree, holly leaves in “H”

Rave Red -circle in “C” snowman mittens and hat band, berries, bow on white present,

Jade- ornament decor, scarf, present,

ballet slipper star, letters “H” and “I”

balanced for the skate blade, ornament hanger, snow drift below snowman

black- hat and bird

bittersweet – trunk broom handle, straw for broom

the white present has embroidery lines in glitter floss, buttons were added to the tree instead of the white circles, black buttons to the snowman

This is a picture of the background cottonsĀ IMG_1981

this is the “I” block so far

IMG_2014As I move along with this I will post more pictures,


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