Glamping Pillow Case

Who doesn’t love camping? This is a sweet project for the camping lover in your life, featuring I’d rather be Glamping panel from Riley Blake Designs.


Here is my ETSY Shop.

Here is the panel in my shop.

So The panel was actually designed o make 2 placemats, 1 pillow and a glamour potholder. I thought the placemats would be cute pillow covers for the summer in my guest room. glamping_2

The placemat panels measure 18.25″ x 13.75″ approx. They include a stitching line.I actually trimmed too 1/4″ of the green stitching line but you could certainly include it. You would have to change your measurements a smidge.

After trimming the panel I pressed it and starched it to try and straighten it.The panel includes the pinwheels as well. I cut from aqua floral 2 pieces that are 15″ x 31/4″, if your going to make both pillow cases then you need 4.

From the striped fabric I cut (4) 11/2″ strips. RST and 1/4″ seams, sew the stripe fabric to each side of the aqua rectangle, lengthwise.

Glamping_pillow_10_Fotor.jpgThen sew this new rectangle to each side of the panel. I then used the last striped strips for the top and bottom.

Then from the navy floral I cut 3″ strips x WOF. You will need 3. Sew the strips to the side and then top and bottom,

Along the way I rimmed up after sewing a piece.

Then just for some stiffness I did quilt the finished panel to a piece of batting.I just did 1/4 around multiple elements and used different colored threads.

I know the picture is dark but I did a mint , white and hot pink.


Then next I had some aqua fabric for the back side of the pillow. I trimmed the extra batting of the pillow front. then I used it to measure my pillow back. RST sew the bottom of the front pillow to the bottom of the pillow back. I used a serger for this.


I used a 11/2″ wide white ric raw to the front edge. To make it simple for my brain I did trim off one side of the bumps so that I was working with more of a straight edge.  I sewed that on the entire front edge of the pillow panel and pillow back. Then sewed a white double folded bias. Open it first  sew on top of the ric rack and the front  pillow, then you flip it to the back,I pressed it and then topstitch 1/4″ away


After topstitching I went back to the serger and did the top and the other side obviously leaving open your pic rack fo your pillow.


I hope you. enjoyed this fun little summer inspired project! Thanks for stopping by, make something great today! Colleen

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