Spookalicious Mini Quilt

This is my little mini quilt series using the Gone Batty Panel, found in my ETSY Shop here 

And here is directions for the other mini quilts from this panel

I used the large Spookalicious square from the panel and trimmed 1/4″ all the way around. It was 11.5″ square


Cur 4 rectangles from your first black 1.75″ x 11.5″

Attach a black rectangle to each side of the square. Press to black

Cut 4 squares from the first orange fabric 1.75″ square. Attach a square to the top and bottom of the remaining 2 black rectangles , press to black. Then attach this unit to the top and bottom of your square.


From the second black fabric cut 4 rectangles 14″ x 2″. Attach 2 rectangles to the sides of the square press to black.

Cut 4 squares from the second orange fabric 2″ square. Attache a square to the top and bottom of the remaining  black rectangles. Press to black and attach to the top and bottom.


I just simply quilted the mini quilt. I free motioned the ornamental frame . Then I used the seam between the 2 blacks as a vein and did some free motion feathers on each side


Add your binding and another little mini done!

Thanks for stopping by! Have fun making something everyday!


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