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Mickey Mouse Backpack idea to do with your Plot Cutter

Hey everyone, In the middle of covid and everything shut down. This is a great time to get ahead of crafting for sure! This is a super simple idea and cheap!


For Christmas we bought the kids and their significant others a trip to Disney. Two of my kids have been doing the marathons and signed up for the Disney Runs in January. I made a couple of things to make the trip special.

It’s very funny to me to see pictures of Disney closed and no one in the park. But if your planning a trip these are a couple of simple ideas to get excited about a future trip!

I bought all the girls a backpack because let’s face it, there’s a lot of walking, its hot and simpler to carry a little pack back. Heres the one I bought for them. ( I might make a commission if you click on this link at no further charge to you).

Here’s the file I bought to cut out the mickey shape.

I used permanent glitter adhesive vinyl in black. I used the solid Mickey head and duplicated it for a full page 11.75″ x 11.75″ so my heads were .75-1 inch.

After they were all cut, I removed the extra vinyl and essentially had a sheet of stickers.

I wiped all of my back packs with rubbing alcohol to get the dirt and residue off for better adhesion. I randomly put the stickers on the bag, rubbed them hard, used an old charge card to scrape them to help adhere. If they peel at a corner  used a hot hair dryer to them and kept pressing in place.

The bags held up fairly well for all os. We had a few stickers fall off and a couple curl but all and all did great !

Another quick project was making foil t shirts. This is a 2 step process. You need easy weed adhesive ( I might make a small commission at no extra charge to you if you click on this link. ), essentially this is the glue layer for your foil to go on to your t shirt.


Here is the pretty file for your svg   , You cut the adhesive, follow instructions, heat set for the recommended time then apply your foil with pretty color side up, cool and remove the foil. It’s super fun seeing the shirt when you rip off the foil!  Please follow manufacturer recommendations for this process, things are always changing and I want you to have success your project!

I did rose gold, gold and navy, all were beautiful and the girls were very happy!

Another fun thing that I bought were decals for their magic bands. The girls all had glitter bands and the boys all had glow in the dark, They were beautiful!

Heres the ETSY shop I bought them from. These were the ones I had at home, the kids all kept theirs.

And heres some beautiful pictures to get you excited for the future!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope I inspired you to make something1 Check out my ETSY shop I would really appreciate it!  Stay Well !!!! Colleen

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