Harlequin Felted Flower Wreath

If you follow me on instagram (simply_lovely_things), then you know I have spent the last week hand dyeing felt and making flowers. The last few days have been putting projects together and that's what I want to share! This wreath is really lovely with shades of red, pink, purple and orange and the black and… Continue reading Harlequin Felted Flower Wreath

Decorating · DIY · Quilting

Hand Dyeing Wool Felt

I have been dyeing fabric for a bajillion years and love it. I feel like it's instant gratification. With all the popular felt projects and fall coming I thought I would see if I could dye wool/wool felt. I bought some 100% wool that takes the dye as more pastel in color but the National… Continue reading Hand Dyeing Wool Felt