Harlequin Felted Flower Wreath

If you follow me on instagram (simply_lovely_things), then you know I have spent the last week hand dyeing felt and making flowers. The last few days have been putting projects together and that’s what I want to share!

This wreath is really lovely with shades of red, pink, purple and orange and the black and white harlequin bow sets it off.

To make the wreath I took a Styrofoam wreath and a sheet of moss ( this is an affiliate link).

I cut strips and rectangles of the moss with kitchen shears and used hot glue gun with a glue stick that glues all products and just kept going around the wreath covering it with the moss and filling in gaps and spreading it out. When It was covered I used baker’s twine and went around the wreath crossing over itself.

That was the foundation for my felt flowers. Because I made so many flowers up I just started adding them and building up and adding leaves in. There are many great tutorials on felt flowers and how to make them. I also use my sizzix to make alot of these and then combined elements to make something different. when you add the pearl bead center use a sharp tip scissor to pull the bead hole down to kinda hide it. This is one blogger that I love . But seriously you don’t need me to teach you just search on pinterest. I really am here to get your imagination going!

For the bow I just made a bow out of a wired harlequin ribbon. I sewed a beautiful bee charm on the underside of the ribbon by hand to add something pretty. I really love this. I hope I inspired you to go make your own felt flowers. If not they will be listed in my etsy store and in the retail shop. Love my upcycled shutter? It too is listed in etsy shop under HANDMADE WITH LOVE.

It’s really Lovely! Enjoy  Get out there and make and create for your home!

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