Little Tiny Pumpkin

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So now that it’s turning to fall like weather I am crazy making things. This is definitely my favorite time of the year to get sewing and such.

This little guy is made from hand dyed wool and I just quickly made the pattern for the pumpkin. Fold a piece of paper, make a mark and 3 1/2″ down make another mark. From the top mark mark over 1/2 – 5/8 inch. On the bottom about 7/8 inch over. Now make a gently slope curve to connect the lines. The small end is the top of your pumpkin.


Cut 7 of these shapes and sew them together with 1/4 inch seams. Just don’t connect the beginning and the end.

Next I cut a “BOO” and “31” from my sizzix using this die¬†from gray tweed wool felt. , I seperated the “B” from the “oo” because I was stitching to a curved surface and this allowed me to keep it flat. Use a blanket stitch to stitch on the “Boo” and use little straight stitches on the lower spider web and anywhere else that it’s too thin. Wool is very forgiving! This is very time consuming I can’t lie, Super cute and worth it but it took me close to 21/2 hours just to do this part.

Before stitching the pumpkin into a circle I used left over pearl cotton and hand gathered the lower and upper edge, just make sure you leave enough room to sew that last side seam. After the letters/numbers are on, sew the beginning and end piece to make continuous circle. Get a stick from outside that’s clean and dry, mine is about 5 inches, insert into your pumpkin and pull up the top gathering threads tight around the stick and knot, i left my threads hanging. Then stuff your pumpkin and push out the seams and make your pumpkin nice and full. Pull up the bottom threads, knot them and cover the bottom with a scrap piece of felt, Add some embellishments, Some hand dyed felt flowers, buttons, jute thread, whatever. Super cute, nice project to do inn the evening.


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Enjoy !

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