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Fall Inspired Pillows

I wanted to share these little fall pillows today, some bad news something happened to my pictures , sorry. I will do the best I can to explain how I did it. If you are fairly sew savvy you will be able to do them too!

I bought a full roll of burlap, I have been doing tons with that burlap. This first pillow I love. First I made a black and white checkerboard center using 1 1/2 inch squares sewn together with 1/4 inch seams ending up with 1 inch finished square, sew 8 across and then sew 8 rows to make a big square.

draw a circle, use a plate or something that fits most of the square,

sew the line you just drew to secure all those raw edges, cut out the circle

cut your burlap 14 1/2 inch square, find the center of the burlap and checkerboard circle, match center and sew the circle to burlap on the same sewn edge

My leaves are some of the hand dyed wool felt that I made and I cut them with my sizzix, You can find leaf images on google and do same thing, use wool to cut out your leaves so no fraying problems.

Arrange your leaves around the edge of your checkerboard circle, my leaves go in multiple directions.

Sew with a nice variegated thick thread in Autumn colors and kinda make a circle catching the leaves and trying to sew a “stem”, I went around twice in a wiggle pattern, you can see on the one picture.img_0030

I added black piping and backing and done, very pretty and different for fall!

The next pillow was something I made up while playing with my silhouette cameo, I love my cutting machine, still trying to learn the tricks of the trade with it. I used a font that I purchased from hungryjpg.com, (possibly affliate link) I love their stuff.  You have to do a nice chunky font. Then I cut it, following the instructions, out of Glitter heat transfer vinyl ( don’t forget to reverse it before cutting!). I used my iron to adhere it to a 12x 16 piece of white canvas.

Guess what my piping is made out of? A towel I got from Marshalls for like $6. I have done so many things with that stupid towel. I cut bias strips 1 3/4 inch wide, sewed them together and made piping, attached to my pillow then finished off the back. I had to sew the thick parts with my foot elevated and I just slowed down sewing.  I like it, just a different look, I couldn’t figure out what would like nice with the writing. It’s simple and adds some texture.img_0035

Sorry for the lack of pictures. The projects are simple if you are a comfortable sewer, Good Luck and enjoy the Fall season!

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