Super Simple Canvas Art

I love making canvas art. It’s quick, easy and cheap. In addition to that, I am notorious for changing things out frequently( my family tell me all the time). This project would be great for a teenager to do as well over the summer for their rooms. Follow a few basics and change it up to make their own!


Gather up your supplies. I love mod podge, It does everything except clean, truly you can’t craft without it! Use your coupons for your local craft stores.

mod podge, foam brush

canvas (I used a black one again coupons or get on sale)

circle punches of a couple different sizes or your sizzix/silhouette however you cut

brown paper bag ( mine was from Chipolte)

Bottle cap stickers

a couple different cardstock papers(mine were solids)IMG_0052IMG_0053

Lay down freezer paper to protect your surface

Use your circle punches to cut out multiple circles from the grocery bags and your solid cardstock. You want 3 different sizes as your going to stack them. You also want the cardstock and bag to be available in all sizes so that by stacking them you add interest.

Next, work in small sections, I started in the upper left corner and put mod podge down with your brush in an even layer not too thin , not super thick but enough to adhere. Start placing the larger circles down in even rows across and down. If they don’t work out to be straight across even or straight down even no worries it gives you a chance to embellish it!

Keep adding across and down. Each time you add a circle you MUST add another layer of mod podge to hold it down. This is critical! It requires a lot to keep this thick paper down, Just keep the layer even. Look at the image above. I didn’t always add a bottle cap image, sometimes just layers of colored circles, mix it up! I didn’t even keep the circles even, just adds interest!IMG_0054

Keep going all the way across and down. I had too big of a canvas to fill in evenly with circles so I added embellishments, my favorite part! I knew this was going into my older sons room and I wanted kind of an industrial feel in his room. So I added a border of burlap ribbon and then I made vintage style industrial numbers from my sizzix machine ( another blog for another day soon, you will be shocked what the numbers are made of…hint something that you use for breakfast, not a cereal box either, Stay Tuned!)IMG_0133

Here’s the final look:


Look’s great I think, Hope you have fun with this. The possibility is unlimited to what you have at home, tissue paper, printed scrapbook paper, holiday loos, girly, boy, anything! Have fun decorating!

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