Urban Beauty, My Recovery Quilt

I’ve only touched on the fact that I have lupus. There I said it. I have lupus. I can’t say that I hate my illness(I certainly don’t love it), but, I have to say it made me a better person, better nurse, better wife, mother.

I was diagnosed at 42 in a full crisis. I went from working everyday to believing that I just might die in a matter of no time. I went out on disability. I will share my experience in another post, not because I dwell on my illness but because it changed me and changed the way I take care of my self. I think that there are many people who can benefit how I changed my life and the results that I have achieved. Stay tuned for that, if you have lupus and you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired then you need to hear what I have to say about my healing path.


Today I want to share the quilt that I made during my recovery. I was sick for a few months so I did nothing for weeks on end, slowly I felt better physically and emotionally to start sewing again.

Urban Beauty was my own design. I had gone though a phase where I was hand painting and hand dyeing fabrics. I had so much that I finally had to do something with it. Some of it was beautiful but, boy, a lot of it was ugliiieee!

I had done a Fons and Porter beauty quilt and had a ton of paper piecing sheets left over. In addition to that I love love tiny squares. Wah-la an amazing quilt. I hand dyed 6 yards in a mustardy yellow puke brown to unify the quilt. I did it in shades light to dark. I used so many ugly fabrics that made no rhyme or reason but when all was said and done turned out beautiful.

The whole quilt was free hand quilted with a wood grain fill, the points have a curvy stitch and then the borders are all free formed feathers.IMG_0419

I could do that all day long I love that so much.I essential just draw a curvy line as a guide and then feather away.

I did a tiny little piping binding in purple.IMG_0413

The backing is a cotton fabric as the painted/dyed fabric is thick, All the quilting was done with silk and the batting is silk as well, It took about 8 months total.

I hope you enjoy it!



4 thoughts on “Urban Beauty, My Recovery Quilt

    1. Absolutely gorgeous quilt and uplifting story about therapeutic response to illness. Your journey can help others feel encouraged to remain strong.

      1. Thank you Sarah, I hope to share my story soon because I feel better now in my fifties than I did in my thirties. I am beyond gratefule to God for my second chance, all the best to you as well

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