OMG What did I do to my Longaberger Baskets?

Back in the late 80’s early 90’s I bought a ton of Longaberger baskets, I used them back then, now they just sit in the basement. I don’t necessarily want to get rid of them, but they are just sitting there taking up space. That’s no good. Plus the one was stained from years of potatoes/onions being stored in there.

So I did what I do to everything else and painted them! Eek I know but I also finally felt like I needed to do something with them, I looked to sell them and they weren’t worth anything, so I made the decision to upcycle them and put them back in my home. I still have many of them in their original form, but I actually like the 2 that I did. What do you think? Would you dare paint your baskets? If not your Longabergers then any basket just sitting in storage!


The black basket above I did while I was spraying some other objects. I try to spray paint all of my projects. They always turn out more professional. I use a critter spray gun. I also try to do multiple projects at once because it’s so much work. So this was sprayed with some left over black enamel paint mixed with a little water and floetrol to go through the gun easier, then top coated with Miss Mustard’s milk paint ironstone. Make sure you paint inside and outside.

For the blue basket I sprayed it with a Krylon satin aqua that I got at Joann’s with a coupon, Just spray outside on a calm hot day and you’ll be done in no time. Now it’s filled with fabric and in my sewing room and I love it!

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