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My daughter is home for the summer. Shortly before the semester ended she got word that she got an RA position. That is big stuff ( for us too and she saved us some $). I have spent so much time upcycling and doing canvas art she jumped on the bandwagon and did some great stuff! Take a look for your self.

First she made Crayon Canvas art. She took an 8×10: canvas that you get at craft store(make sure to get it on sale, they go on sale all the time). Next, she hot glued the crayons along the top edge with the label out. Then she put the canvas at an angle and used a hair dryer on hot setting aiming at the tips of the crayons. She directed the wax where she wanted it to go. The embellishment is a mirror sticker from Hobby Lobby.  It looks great, not for just dorm room but any child’s space where you want something fun. My mom wants her to make one for her back Lanai in Florida.


They next few things I love. She took the same 8 x 10″ canvas and base sprayed all of them in Krylon foil metallic in Copper. After they sprayed she used 1/4″ washi tape and used a quilting ruler to get mirror look, aligning things up on both sides and just taped off in a geometric pattern knowing she wanted to put something at the top. She sprayed them solid white and when dried she removed the washi tape. TIP: for preventing paint leakage use an old credit card and really seal the lines by scraping over them.


Again the far left is 1/4″ washi tape made into geometric diamond shape. Then she sprayed these canvas solid satin white Krylon paint. It takes time to do this. better to spray multiple light layers than a couple heavy layers, cover the washi tape as well and wear a mask and glasses. Make sure to do this outdoors!
This was the finally canvas design, She is a science major, hoping for premed so the dna thing means a lot to her! Then that molecule is a caffeine molecule! A lot of weeding but is so super cute, would be cute on a coffee mug as well. The SVG link is here. She made the molecule the quote and the DNA on the Silhouette Cameo and used gloss permanent black vinyl.
This was a yellow grey metallic message board. She did the same thing, She removed the board from the frame, solidly sprayed the magnet board with the Krylon Copper. She then bought circle stickers that were on clearance that weren’t anything exciting but had the shape she wanted. She randomly put the circles over the board and sprayed everything with white. She painted the frame black and put it all together, Super Cute!
This is the final metal memo board, She bought copper bows from Hobby Lobby, attached magnets to the back. Love it!

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This was a beat upframe she bought, sprayed it black. Sprayed the cardboard solid Krylon Copper foil, used 1/4″ Washi tape to make the stripes, seal them with a credit card, She then sprayed over the washi tape and made it solid white. When it was dry she removed the washi tape, inserted in the frame and closed the back. She washed the front. Adhered a mirror “hello” embellishment from Hobby Lobby. She added the little knobs at the bottom. Super cute, great for hanging jewelry. She will hang all of her art with command hooks at school. 

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