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I’m so super excited to say that today is my last day as a full time nurse. I have 7 days vacation and then I go part time to try and work on my business. I have tons of ideas but working full time was making it difficult to accomplish all there is to accomplish.


So I worked on this little project a bit ago. I love Mod podge(M.P) with all my heart and soul. I think an awful lot about decorative papers as well. I had pots left from Mother’s Day gifts and decided to jazz them a little. I actually used wrapping paper on them. You could use newspaper, grocery brown bags, old maps, decorative papers, honestly M.P makes it easy to use just about anything.

Clean your pots well with dish soap to remove all the dirt. Afterwards I used rubbing alcohol/vinegar  equal amounts to then clean the surface, again removing oils.

My pots were an odd shape so I actually cut a big strip. I applied M.P to one side of the pot and laid flat on wrong side of paper, Then I applied M.P to the next side, rolled the pot over keeping the top edge straight. I pleated the bottom corners but I wanted to top to lie flat. Use the M.P on the top to help adhere the paper, don’t worry about wrinkles, Just adds some more interest. You actually could emphasize the wrinkles with some colored wax. You really will need to use the M.P generously to both sides of paper, just keep spreading it with a sponge brush and smoothing the paper to the surface.

Do this all the way around and overlap on the beginning edge. Consider this the back.

For the top I trimmed about 1 inch above the pots lip, then I cut little tabs to just above the lip. Use more M.P to adhere the tabs down over the pot lip to give it a finished look, Use M.P both sides of paper for best results. I put my pots on paint stand thingys until they dried, 30 mins or so.

Then I finished the bottom the same . You must pleat the paper while you are doing the sides but you can wait to do the bottom. You just trim 1 inch of the bottom, cut tabs almost to where the bottom of the pot, M.P. along the bottom folding the tabs over one another and smoothing the M.P over all of, Let the whole thing dry.

Then the fun part…embellishing!!!


I just used scrap ribbons wrapped around the pot, then added a small scrap that turned over on itself, hot glue and add a button, The middle one is a ribbon , glued the edge wrong raw edge to right side raw edge, glued the center, pinched together and used 3 shades blush petals and tiny button in the center. The one to the left is just a scrap of mint ribbon, again turned on itself, glue center, add paper rose and leaf.

I planted the pots with cute little succulents and , added spanish moss to cover dirt(I did not add dirt to the tippy top of the pot for fear of watering would break down the paper, so the moss covers that).

Aren’t they cute? Fall in love with Mod Podge! Have a super fun Sunday, Follow me to see what I get done during my vacation week!


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