My Drapery Tour

We moved in this house about a year ago and I want to share my drapes with you so far. I love sewing and drapery is one of the easiest things to sew, It’s a lot of “fool your eye” kinda thing. This isn’t instruction just show and tell ๐Ÿ™‚

My mudroom:

I buy all my patterns from Pate Meadow . This pattern is Madelyn

My sliding glass door in the kitchen:


My house is a very dark home even at 1 pm because the neighborhood is in a wooded area. The kitchen is driving me nuts because it is so dark. I warned my husband that expect me to repaint it and whiten the cabinets. He wasn’t shocked. The pattern is Erin

My family room curtains I bought a TJ Max. I actually had no plan for drapes but they were white, silver and a silver sage green…all of my colors. However, I wanted to share because I found antique Victorian curtain hangers that move out to the side or stay at the window, ย of course I sprayed them because I paint anything and everything. They were pricey but I love them!


My dining room is extremely dark and I am very sorry, It’s a beautiful sunny day here but that part of the house is just dark no matter what. These were also the most expensive and most time consuming that I have ever made. Again they are from Pate Meadows and are called Poplar Grove

They are long panels with pleated inserts at the bottom. I put in a printed fabric from the collection but if I had to do it again I would have just used a solid white, Then there are pleats at the top with multiple layers of buttons with a little bling in the center. What the pictures don’t show is that currently this room is also holding all of my business stuff that I take to farmers market so it was difficult to photograph , but look at her pattern , they are lovely!

Bethany”s room my favorite, again Madelyn


Same thing for my sewing room:

My office: they are from this patternย . I made them without the tassels and made them with piping, They were the only curtains from my other house that fit into here. Love my light fixture? get it from my store, super pretty, low light but super pretty!


Alright moving on to our room. These are the actual panels that were left at closing. There were 8 white linen type fabric panels with grommets at the top. I actually recycled them and did my own design. I have 1 for each window currently but will do the remaining 4 and blog about them. They are pretty(I think) and great savings by using what was here.


Hope you enjoyed my little tour and you get some great ideas to do with your own home!


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