Sweet Valentine Garland

Happy Valentine’s Day!

OK, OK I missed this Valentine’s day but pin this so that you can make it for next Valentines. This garland is so sweet , not too difficult and combines a few things that I love…these little felt balls, felt  and embroidery.

The longest part is making the little hearts. I made one for my husband and I and each of our kids, I need to add one more for my future daughter in law! I took several reds and pink shades of felt( I didn’t wash the felt like I normally do). I first did each of our names  by printing them in a pretty thin swirly font, onto Fabric Solvy printer product  ( affiliate link). If you are using red floss to do your stitching it will be OK to do it in black ink, however, if you are doing light floss then I would lighten your printer color. When you go to rinse this product after your stitching the black ink came onto the floss and I had to re wash. It never turned bright white/pink.

So, after your print your names on the solvy paper, trim close, remove backing and place on a single layer of felt heart. I just did a simple back stitch for each name. Then I used a blanket stitch to start layering hearts either 2 or 3 layers. After I was done I did a matching large heart to seal in the back and cover my stitching mess. Again sealed with a blanket stitch. After the hearts were together I trimmed excess solvy and washed them in very warm water, agitating them to remove all the solvy product, I threw them in the dryer with other laundry. Set them aside.

For the envelopes:

download pattern, valentine-envelope012

I made 3 envelopes. By trial and error this is how I ended do them.

fold up the lower edge, fold onto that one side flap. I actually found I needed to stitch the envelope to hold it properly. I knotted some red floss and brought in up in the corner from the inside, stitched a couple bottom edge stitches, then brought up my stitching towards the center where the button will be. Repeat for other side and then to secure sides and bottom flap with more stitching and a button in place.

For the top flap, I brought it down over the button and just did a little snip horizontally and slipped over the button. I did press my envelopes to help hold shape as well. On the back I stitched a thin piece of white felt may 3/4 inch x 2 inches to slid the garland twine. I just did running stitches to hold them in place.


Gather all your garland items. The envelopes, hearts, felted balls, baker’s twine, large needle. I sorta planned my garland. I had everything centered with my husband and I in the center with equal balls and envelopes.I had 3 kids which makes the heart placement unequal ( that will change when I put my daughter in laws name in there).

Then just start threading. I cut my twine probably 7-8 feet and just loaded all items on the twine. I spaced everything out once I put it on our mantle.


TIP: when you thread your heart thread them high so that when they hang up they stay level for you to read. Also use a lot of running stitches. Same for the envelopes.  I just put 2 small white nails in the mantle and tied on the twine. Space out your elements and super cute!

I think you could probably put small love letters to your children in the envelopes or small pieces candy.


I hope you enjoy this project! Hang on there for more and follow along!


Affiliate link means that I might make a small  commission on this item. In no way does it affect the price that you pay. Your trust and following means everything to me and I only recommend items that have truly worked for me.

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