Sweet and Easy Little Girls Skirt

I’ve been working hard on applying to juried craft shows to sell little girls skirts and t-shirts. I loved buying super cute clothes for my kids and I never cared that they got them dirty. I feel like these little skirts apply that same concept, super cute and go play outside and get dirty! Here’s the directions, you might have to adjust for your child, since I really have no kids at home any more to try these skirts on, plus kids are not one size fits all.

I used these basic measurements:

AGE waist in inches length from waist width x 42″
6-12 months 16 7 11.5″
12-18 months 16.5 8 12.5″
18-24 months 17 9 13.5″
2T 18 10 14.5″
3 years 19 11 15.5″
4 years 20 12 16.5″

So my skirt I cut 1 panel 12.5″ by the whole width of the fabric ( usually around 42″ selvage to selvage).

The skirt has a little high gathered waist . I added about 4 1/2 inches to my skirt length measurement. So if you were making this for an older child measure their waist and then measure just below their natural waist to where you want the skirt length. I did not add seam allowance in as the 4 1/2 inch covers the upper seams that will be made and the little knife pleat ruffle will add some length as well.

Making the waist:

Then I folded down the upper long edge ( making the waist wrong sides together), 2 1/4 – 2 1/2 depending if I was making a smaller size ( 2 1/4″) or a larger size (2 1/2″). Make a nice press and then also press under a narrow seam. Sew the narrow hem first . I used the left side of my quarter inch foot to “ride” along the edge to keep a nice straight sew line. img_1148img_1149img_1152

Then you need to make an elastic casing for your skirt. I used 1 inch wide elastic. I measured about 1 1/4 inch away from the line I just sewed on the narrow hem. Sew all the way down the length. You will make a casing for your elastic and a little upper ruffle will be created when you put your elastic through.

Making lower knife pleat ruffle:

Cut 3 strips 2″ by fabric width( 42″  usually you are cutting with your fabric on the natural fold) Sew the 3 strips, wrong sides together,  to make 1 long one. Then press the big long strip in half WRONG SIDES together. I made my little pleats quickly, Essentially I just made a pinch and then laid the “pinch” down flat and pinned in place to the right side of the lower skirt, matching all the RAW edges.

It’s difficult to see but the folded edge of the long strip that you made is where all the pin heads are, so the raw edge of your ruffle is aligned with the raw edge of your lower skirt. I try to lay my pleats so they nest next to the pleat that I laid down before it, that’s why you need such a long strip. img_1159


I serged my lower ruffle to my skirt, I removed 3 pins at a time and just held the pleats in place. If you don’t have a serger I probably would run 2 straight sewing lines to hold it in place. Once your ruffle is attached, press that seam upwards, towards the waist, and then do a narrow line of stitching, It just makes the skirt look more finished.

Then measure your child’s waist, add 1″ extra, cut your elastic. Insert your elastic with a pin to move it through the casing. Secure your edge of your elastic and then continue moving your elastic through the casing until you get to the other side, secure on the opposite side. Your waist will naturally gather up. After your elastic is secured, sew up the back seam, I serged my back seam and secured my threads.



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