Simple Wood Sign

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There’s so many post on Pinterest about wood signs and using scraps. Here’s another!

This couldn’t be simpler too.

I just lined up some scrap pieces of wood( and not even that perfect I might add) along the bottom edge, lining them up vertically. I secured them with 2 small scraps on the back horizontally and with wood screws.IMG_2180


So the sign will not lay flat against the wall. I also used knobs from Hobby Lobby so this also helps by not being flat so I can use those knobs with long screw. Make sure your horizontal wood is not in the way of where you plan on putting knobs! You can see my holes for my knobs.

I usually stain my signs Java from General Finishes Gel stain. then I used white chalk paint and mostly covered the front, I don’t worry about complete coverageIMG_2177


I then used a tiny bit of Country Chic Full Bloom chalk paint,  a very pretty coral color. I use a paper plate to put some of the paint, the sign is small. I slip slap the paint on the sign leaving white areas, spread a little,  and not really worry about coverage. I have a favorite small sea sponge and use it wet. And just with a quick up and down motion go over the whole sign trying to fill in the white areas. Sometimes I will work with dirty sponges and add a little white on my plate and dip in the white ever so slightly and again go over the sign.

The key is light on paint and quick movements.


Don’t think about this too much just do it, its just paint and if you hate it you can redo it.

Sorry It’s dark out while I’m working on this. So I used my scrap book paper but I think you could use any kind of decorative wrapping paper. It was a pack of pretty pinks, jades and copper. I used my sizzix and just cut out some decorative elements. I also used it to cut out my letters. You can use any precut paper items from craft stores as well, You could also use a font in your computer as a pattern , make sure its big enough to use. You could even just stencil a simple word.

I adhered my elements with a coat of Mod Podge. First paint a cut on the sign, lay your elements down and brush over again , adding more product as needed, Go light but also seal in the paper element.

This dries 30 mins or so, I used 3 more coats to make sure the elements stayed adhered and I painted the entire front of the sign. When I was done I sanded some of the corners, making sure not to sand elements so they don’t wear off.

Add your knobs or hooks and a Hangar to the back and Your done! Cute for jewelry, hanging small items, pajamas, light coats and small baskets for organizing!

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