Silhoette Cameo Projects

DIY pictures for Guest Room

Super simple project using your silhouette cameo or circuit machine. Here's where I purchased the graphics from craft bundles.  The bundle has ended but I would follow them for it may one out again! I got my patterned adhesive vinyl here I bought my blanks at Michaels. I am unsure if they are still selling… Continue reading DIY pictures for Guest Room


Super Quick Project

Here's my ETSY Shop - check it out!   Everyone loves a quick project and the ability to use some leftover fabrics. I started this project (ahem) years ago and finally finished. Do you recognize the fabric? It was a Sandy Gervais fabric and I still have lots of it because I loved this collection… Continue reading Super Quick Project

Silhoette Cameo Projects

Chalkboard Art With Silhouette Cameo

    Check out my ETSY SHOP   There may affiliate links in this posting where I might make a small commission if you click on them at no further expense to you but does help the blog to be loaded with free ideas.   I love shopping in my own home. I had 3… Continue reading Chalkboard Art With Silhouette Cameo

Silhoette Cameo Projects

Vintage Truck Burlap Flag

Check out my Etsy Shop! You may find great deals there! There may be affiliate links in this post where if you click on them I might make a small commission at no extra cost to you, thank you for supporting the blog!   I love my plot cutter! I have a silhouette cameo but… Continue reading Vintage Truck Burlap Flag


Family Farm Style Pillow

Still loving my Well Said bundle !!! I made another pillow to go with my Home pillow. I used the left over flying geese, see that posting to see how I made them, I wanted that scrappy look so I made lots of flying geese and auditioned the pieces, This is the left overs! You want… Continue reading Family Farm Style Pillow


Paper Pieced House Pillow

  Still plugging away at small projects. This is 1 of 2 pillows made for the extra chairs at my old vintage table in the kitchen.  The little house is paper pieced and the flying geese are a fun little piecing technique, I'm sure many already know. I choose to do my pillow in Moda's… Continue reading Paper Pieced House Pillow

Make your own Art · Silhoette Cameo Projects

Make My DMB Inspired Canvas ART

My husband and I are huge Dave Matthews Band fans. We have belonged to the Warehouse for probably 16 years. We try to go to a couple shows each year. This year we were super lucky to see him at the new amphitheater here in our hometown of Syracuse and our favorite venue at the SPAC.… Continue reading Make My DMB Inspired Canvas ART