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Make My DMB Inspired Canvas ART

My husband and I are huge Dave Matthews Band fans. We have belonged to the Warehouse for probably 16 years. We try to go to a couple shows each year. This year we were super lucky to see him at the new amphitheater here in our hometown of Syracuse and our favorite venue at the SPAC. So super fabulous!

My husband and I have been through a few trying times in our life(who hasn’t right?). Their song “You and Me” has become very symbolic for us and reminds us that together we can do whatever we need to. I’m actually one of those people who sings the lyrics like I know what I’m singing and actually I am usually way off but at DMB most people are wasted around me so I’m good! This is case in point. The lyrics are actually “You and me together, we could do anything, baby”.

It’s OK.

So I whipped this baby up on my Silhouette Cameo and used it as a stencil with metallic paints. IMG_0584

First , I paint everything the same white. I have a gallon of semi gloss latex that I use for my gallery wall, my frames, furniture anything. I believe that in order to feel the same everything has to be base painted the same white. There are so many white colors out there and believe me when they are next to each other it’s obvious.

Next I did my phrases in my Silhouette Cameo. I used my large 12 x 24″ mat for everything and did 3 separate rows. I used oracal 813 blue stencil material. I used a couple different fonts that I bought from here. I love the hungry jpeg. I have been happy with everything I have bought. Works great with all of my Silhouette Cameo projects too! Always look at the craft bundles because they are loaded with SVG files!

I painted 3 canvas’ that day. My canvas is 24 x 24″ with wider edge. Mine is sprayed Krylon metallic silver. So after weeding I laid down the remaining stencil on mine and actually used it for another canvas. I do save the letters and do a reverse stenciling. So the third canvas I actually heavy painted with copper. Then I laid out the letters that I weeded and scraped them down hard. However, it has been hot here and I sprayed outside. The heat curled up the edges so there is a faint spray underneath, you can see the curling on the top picture. That is actually the copper one. Then once all the letters were down I sprayed the entire canvas white again, including the letters. When it was dry I removed all the letters. I need to do a little touch up.

I know I make it sound like I whipped this up, but it’s very time consuming working with the cameo, welding, tracing and everything. that is why I save the letters from weeding to use for something else. i hate the thought of wasting things. I also like the reverse stenciling technique. Follow me to see what else I use reverse stenciling on, Hopefully you’ll love it!

The copper one I might add some black dots heavier at the bottom, very light at the top , I don’t know yet. Follow me and see! Won’t happen tomorrow I promise that .

I love the final product, Sorry that I took my pictures late but the sun was beating in the window and there was all kinds of glare. Hopefully it will inspire you to do something similar with your favorite lyrics. This just means so much to me and my husband. Do you love my pillows? Follow me to see how I made them!

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