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Everyone loves a quick project and the ability to use some leftover fabrics. I started this project (ahem) years ago and finally finished. Do you recognize the fabric? It was a Sandy Gervais fabric and I still have lots of it because I loved this collection so much I bought a ton! Anyone else done that?

Any how, Its just as simple as strip piecing 1 1/2 inch strips, alternating white and a print.  Im sure I made 12 strip panels and then sub cutting across 1 1/2″ and the sewing rows into a checkerboard.

The only thing I did different was after making my little quilt sandwich, I marked lines on the diagonal with either a Hera marker or a chalk pencil and then I used floss and hand stitched the diagonal lines with a gray floss. I made piping out of the print and then made into a pillow using a 12×16″ form .

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great sewing day!

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