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Collage_Fotor_doghouse_FotorCheck out my ETSY SHOP. You never know what you will find! Thanks for checking it out!

The floral puppy and floral kitty panels have been some of my biggest sellers both live at shows and on the website. Here is what’s available in my shop.


Here is the original pattern , free on Blend Fabrics website. This was my inspiration to my variation. The original pattern makes you cut the rectangles with a seam allowance cutting into the blocks around( and wasting these kittle cuties) I cut my rectangles exactly on the line. Also the original pattern is a template piecing around the doghouse and I did a shortcut. Then for a little variation I added empty doghouses and plain blocks to do some quilting techniques.

In addition to the floral puppy pattern I used a new line of fabric Poppie Cotton fromPrairie Sisters, It looks so much better than the original coordinates.

Here are the fabrics I used that are in my shop.


Cutting fabric:

from the black fabric you will need (7) 2″ strips and (8) 1 3/4″ strips

from pink dot background fabric (16) 2″ strips. and (4) 2 3/4″ strips

Yellow Sweet Pea (15) 2″ strips and (1) 12″ strip

Mint Sweet Pea (15) 2″ strips and (1) 12″

Cut your puppy or kitty panel on the lines best as you can. I used 20 puppies.


To make the doghouse, Sew a black 1 3/4 strip to a 2″ pink dot background fabric

I strip sewed everything and the constantly trimmed up. so I took my black pink strip and sewed the puppy panel to the black strip and sewed a space between add ing another puppy. At the end of the strip I separated all the blocks and then attached the other side of the puppy panel to another black /pink strip making sure the black is the sides of the puppy panel

IMG_6866 2

Once you have the sides attached to your puppy trim off the extra this is a 6″ trim. This puppies are off center a smidge so be mindful when your trimming.

After your trimmed sew a 2″ black strip to the top and a 2″ pink strip to the bottom, trim again using seam lines as guidelines and 1 3/4″ on your ruler.

Next cut the 23/4″ strip into squares and make corner to corner. These are the blocks that form your roof and you need 2 for each puppy block


Place a marked square in the corner, this is a sew and flip technique. Make sure your square is laying right on the roof strip so that when you trim and iron back the remaining piece you have a roof shape.

I did 10 shapes in the mint border and 10 in the yellow border. Again I sewed the strips to the sides and trimmed the sides before adding the top and bottom.

The final borders are the 2″ strips in the yellow and mint sweet pea.




To make the empty doghouse block I just used a matching sweet pea rectangle the size of the puppy block, 43/8 x 6″. odd size I know. and then add the side black and pink and then black top, pink bottom, pink squares and then matching borders. I cut these plain inside rectangles from the leftover fabric after cutting the 12″ blocks described below, There are only 4 no doggie n the doghouse blocks.

I added a couple plain blocks so that I could try some new quilting techniques, those blocks are 12 x 12.5″ so I could get 3 from each the yellow and the mint sweet pea.

Lay your blocks out and assemble your quilt adding interest by breaking up the doggies with empty doghouses and plain blocks. I am actually quilting the quilt now and will post it when it’s done, A fun project for sure!



I hope you enjoy this project and the slight change up and quicker sew and flip technique. Have a great day sewing!




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