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Vintage Truck Burlap Flag

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I love my plot cutter! I have a silhouette cameo but there are many machines out there, It’s one of those things that of you have a machine you have to suck it up and learn it.

This is just a simple burlap flag for all. We have had a miserable fall here in the Northeast, in fact it is pouring tonight as I type. I made the decision to display mine on my covered porch. I really don’t know how it would do in the rain and weather. Although heat transfer vinyl is washable and is meant too get wet so probably ok.


My current flag is 12 x 18. Because of the burlap I cut it larger so I could work on squaring the fabric up and also I wanted to adhere my elements first, so I probably cut my burlap 16-17 inch by the width of the bolt and then probably cut 20 inches. I heat pressed the burlap first and then kinda worked on straightening it and trimming it. It pressed great in the heat press! I was happy with that. I also did not rotary cut it, I actually used scissors and trimmed keeping straight with the thread, then I really squared it up by pressing and kinda pulling and pressing, honestly 3 second job.

Keep in mind that you need to fold the top of your burlap flag over about 2 inches and you need to sew a seam for the flag holder so make sure your design elements art in the area! ( I did one like that)


I cut out all my elements. Here’s where I got my graphics from  and I get my vinyl from Expressions Vinyl. My truck was in smooth HTV in turquoise, I also used charcoal for the lettering not black, and I got my orange from here because I forgot to order it. All of my vinyl weeded beautiful, I was happy with everything.



I heat pressed my elements in stages for about 6 seconds on 305 degrees and it worked out great, however I made a mistake. The pumpkins belong in the truck, duh! It’s ok, So I pressed the wording and the truck together, pulled off the clear protector sheet , then the green stems, the one is centered with the wording. I did the pumpkins on the side of the truck. I think I did the tires too. Then remove all the plastic sheets. Last, the pumpkins.

The last layer I did a little longer, I used a teflon sheet each time protecting all my elements. Make sure that as you layer and iron that there is no plastic sheet being covered by another, ( cause I’ve totally done that and believe me HTV will stick to the top of the plastic carrier sheet).

After all my elements were on then I trimmed everything up. I folded down the upper edge to the back by about 2″ , to make the rod pocket where your flag will hang, I  folded the bottom another 1/4 so no raw edge here, sewed my seam about 1/4inch away from the raw edge making the pocket about 1 3/4inch.

I then sewed about 1 inch in from each side and 1 1/2 inch away from the bottom in tiny stitches to prevent extended raveling. However I did like to look of unraveling and did remove about 4 burlap threads from sides and bottom.

I used a glue gun to attach my ric rac and buttons.



I hope you love this simple project for your cutting machine! Enjoy and thanks for stopping by, Colleen



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