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Halloween Frames to make with your cutting machine

This is a super simple project to make with your plot cutter. You will love the look of this!


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This is where I bought my cut files.

This is where I bought my glitter permanent adhesive vinyl. I did it I orange, black, silver, purple glitter vinyls,

I used 5 x 7 little cheap canvas frames, I freshly painted them white.

Cut out my halloween frames.Some of them are kind of square so the 5 inch width meant 5 in height and I had extra space above or below the frame, I just added text “Happy Haunting” and a “Boooo” . I had some extra stars and bats left over from doing some pumpkins and added those elements as well.


The one orange vinyl tore the backing before I could remove it with my transfer tape, I used scotch tape and gently held the paper back together and taped it. It worked perfect! Came right off beautifully.

I transferred all my designs with a graph transfer tape,halloween_frames_7

I found that to adhere them well I used my scraper on the back side of the canvas and scraped on a hard surface and then kinda burnished them from the front.


I dial the frames, added my text and other elements and super simple project!


I love my cutting machine! This was a great little project, fairly quick and great impact!

Happy Halloween! Thanks for stopping,  Colleen

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