Halloween House Quilt

Happy Halloween! I was lucky enough to come to Charleston for a couple of days, I wish I wish here tonight because I bets its super fun around here. Unfortunately I leave this afternoon. I worked on this quilt at home and then made the decision to leave so I finished it here and will bring it home to hang next year.

The pattern is in my shop, its Be my Neighbor from Quilting Life Designs by Sherri McConnell. it is the mini pattern making 5 houses.

I originally was going to use a bundle but everything was too big. I dug through my halloween scraps and had a great time picking things out.


I had an old black fairy frost for the windows, but everything else was essentially planned mix and match. A great way to use this pattern, super simple and relatively quick and then do it again with a color scheme that matches a room and hand for decor.


I apologize for all the dark photos, did the best I could while traveling, I will tell you that once I had all the elements made I thought I knew how to put it together, so I put it together wrong because I didn’t read the directions. So theres actually a little border between some blocks, its ok it turned out smaller which makes me happy, Im good.



So enjoy your halloween however you celebrate it!




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