Ahoy Mickey Tote Bag

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Everyone just got back from spring break here in the north.Everyone’ talking about Disney Last year my husband and I went to Disney just the 2 of us, tons of fifty something couples were out and about. I love Disney and this Mickey Fabric is darling! I could not wait to make some thing with it. I hope you love it as well!

Iron your fabric really well! I used steam and starch. If you think you will wash your bag do wash all your fabric first.
Cut 2 pieces from Main Ahoy Mickey fabric and 4 Pellon ( SF 101) 13.5″ x 20″ for the outside bag, Fuse 2 pieces Pellon, one on top of other,  to wrong side of each main panel

Cut 2 pieces from Ahoy Mickey 9″ x 7″ for pocket and cut 1 piece 9″ x 7″ from batting
Make a quilt sandwich out of the pocket fabrics with batting in between and right sides. I just made straight lines on the pocket every 1” from the top to bottom The 9” is the top and the 7” is the sides of the pocket.

Out of a scrap make a 2inch double fold bias, mine is a red swiss dot, same as my handles.( I actually cut a 2″ piece parallel to the selvage of my red dot fabric in the pic above). Put your top sandwich edge in the bias tape and sew scant from lower edge trim.
Find the center of the pocket and center of one of the main Ahoy pieces and mark with a pin.
Line up the center of pocket on center line of main panel with the raw bottom edge of the pocket with bottom edge of main panel, baste the sides and bottom. The sides will be covered by handles and the bottom by the lower large navy dot.

I added velcro to the inside of my bag and lined it up with my bag main panel before doing side seams. The fuzzy side is centered on the wrong side of pocket, note that it looks like the right side because both sides have the fabric facing out. I then pinned the pocket  for placement and pulled back the top edge to match my scratchy velcro placement.

Cut 2 pieces from the large navy dot fabric and 4 Pellon 7.5” x 20” Fuse 2 Pellon pieces, one on top of the other,  to wrong side of each lower bag piece
Sew 1 lower navy dot fabric to 1 main Ahoy Mickey, right sides together, 1/4 inch seams or serge. Make sure you catch the raw edges of pocket too, repeat with other lower and main panels.


Out of the remaining red dot fabric I cut the handles, 4 pieces 5.5” x width of fabric. Sew 2 pieces right sides together to make a really long piece. Do this with the other 2 cuts for 2 handles. Handles should measure 5.5” x 56” cut 2 pieces Pellon 5x 56” and fuse to wrong side of dot.


Fold in half. Ride sides out (so you have a big long piece still and I did it this way because I wanted to see my angle in the direction that it would be when finished) ) and trim the end 45 degree by lining up the 45 degree line on your ruler with the straight raw edge. Pay attention to your angle so that all strap edges are the same.
I sewed RST 1/4 seam starting from the angle and sewing up about 8” on the long handle side, backstitch to secure and then leave yourself enough space to turn your handle out, maybe 4-5” and then sew the remaining long side and close the other angle, backstitch and turn the handle right side out, press the entire handle and neaten the seam where you turned and then topstitch entire handle.

Pin your handles with the pointy angle slightly below the main seam ( where you joined the Ahoy Mickey and large navy dot) go up and cover your raw pocket edge and come back down on the other side of your pocket, making sure there are no twist in your handle. I used rulers to keep my handles straight.
Once your handle is pinned in place draw a line about 11/4” from the top of the bag onto the red handle. This is your mark for sewing and making the “X” at the top making the handle heavy duty to carry all your goodies.

Sew your handle to the bag starting at the main seam, go up and across the marked line and down again ending at the main seam. Do this for each handle , You will have 4 sides to do , 2 handles and they each have a left side and a right side handle.
Then I marked another line about 2” from the first marked line along the top of the red dot fabric to make that “ X” And I sewed the “X”. Do that at the top of each handle left and right sides.
I then sewed the main panels together at the sides and bottom RST , I serged them about 1/4 seam.

For the lining and inside pocket:
Cut 2 pieces of your lining fabric (mine was navy blue gingham), 20.5 x 20.5” also cut 2 pieces Pellon and fuse 1 pellon to the wrong side of each lining square.

Inside pocket is 7” x 12”, cut 2 and 1 batting, sew them with fabrics wrong side together and batting on top, sew 1/4 on the sides and bottom, and use a piece of 2” double bias to close in the top edge, Place your pocket on one of the lining pieces and sew the bottom and sides backstitch beginning and end , and then I just sewed from top to bottom about 4” over to give 2 separate pockets.
Sew the lining sides ( Leave a turning hole on one side) and bottom together, RST 1/4”seam.

Make Gussett in the bag and lining  – Make marks 3.5″ across the bottom from the corner and from the corner  up the side.  Open up the bag corner you marked and bring the seams together, the side seam to the bottom seam,  I actually nested my seams so that they would line up.  Now sew across your line back stitching at beginning and end. You can cut the excess off. The gussets gives your bag a squared up bottom. Do it to the other corner of the bag and to the lining.

Leave your main bag turned with the right sides in and wrong sides out, and keep the lining with right side out, stack the lining inside the main bag, the lining will be touching the right side of the bag, sew the top seam all the way around, make sure your handles are not in the way. Turn your bag right side out through the lining turn hole you saved, press that seam at the top. My lining was gingham and by chance when I turned it I saw that if I pulled up a little on it and top stitched it added another pretty decorative element. I put big white buttons at the bottom of the handles. and your done!


Now you just need to go to Disney! Take me with you!



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