Quilting the Chevron Quilt

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Ok so I knew immediately how I was going to quilt this. My 21 year old daughter loved the modern look of it so I wanted it to be feminine. In addition I love doing free motion feathers, always fast to do. It’s a matter of drawing a slight curve line.


I pinned the whole quilt, I have a big island that makes it easy to lay everything out and pin away. I will tell you that I repined it a couple of times. If I had to do over I would have stitched in the ditch down the big chevron seams to keep it straight. Always learning!

I used a picture of a free motion feather from Patsy Thompson. believe it or not the exact drawing that you see in my picture does not appear to be there any more. I usually will either draw on paper or open a design from a book on the floor so I can refer to it while I’m quilting.

I thought I took more pics, I’m sorry, I’ll try to explain what I did.

On each center seam of a chevron I drew a slightly curvy line with a chaco pink pen. The chevron feathers are actually done in a light muted blue. So I started with them , at the top of the chevron I started downward on the right side of the stem of the feather and sewed downward to the bottom medium blue and started my feathers upward from there. the center curly Q is done with the same rice taupe thread color that’s on the grunge fabric.

Note too that my feathers are mirror images, the survey line is a mirror image.

I did all three feathers at the colored chevrons. Then I just did a free motion line that followed the angle of the chevrons.

I repined the large grunge fabric and heres really where I wished I had stitched in the ditch Hint Hint learn from me. I repeated the same thing with a matching rice/taupey color and started at the bottom of the colored chevrons and sewed downwards on the right side, made the feathers starting at the bottom and adding the curly Q’s at the same time , filled in the curly Q’s through the colored chevrons. Stopped there because the tope grunge piece I started from the top of the stem and worked down. I have always done my feathers that way.

Start at the top

work down

start making feathers at the bottom working upwards

once at the top echo alongside your right stem line now making the left side of your stem, narrow quilting. come all the way down

now start with a small feather and work upwardsIMG_3520

When I did the wavy chevron lines on the grunge I had no good guide lines so I made some with my ruler and a Hera or bone marker. Every couple inches I made marks putting the 45 degree angle line on my main seam, and then I marked on the short bottom side of the ruler



When I was done, I trimmed the quilt and squared it up, I immediately secured all my edges with 1/8 inch seam all the way around the quilt. then I actually used a fun Art Gallery Fabric print to make my binding. The colors were not spot on but had that  same feeling, kinda modern, kinda feminine.

The quilt measured 47″ by 72″. Bethany hasn’t seen it yet, She graduates Fordham in a couple weeks and started med school in August. We are sprout and I hope she will love this to be part of her home forever.

Check back for the pillows made from scraps!

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