Lovely Chevron Quilt

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I designed this when I received my first Moda shipment which included a designer solid bundle from V and co.  Really pretty feminine and trendy color combination!

So I thought how fun to make a chevron quilt! I know there’s tons of them out there.


Pretty Feminine Designer Bundle from V and co.!

I started with 2 1/2 inch strips  x 22″ width of a fat quarter( so you could make this with a jelly roll of your favorite fabrics). I laid them out in a combination that made me happy.  I stacked 1 set with the strips in a step fashion to the left and another set to the right. I sewed then about 2 1/4 inches staggered from the one before. This may seem awkward as it becomes a pretty big piece. I used every color except the navy. Continue to sew 1 of each color to your “steps” again staggering about 2 1/4″. Press all seams in one direction, either up or down but you need to be consistent the whole way through.





You can see the staggering above. Next step in the bottom picture you can see a close up of, place the 45 degree mark on one of your straight seam lines and follow a similar angle as your steps.

you can see how big of a piece I was working with. So now you have one straight seam. Don’t throw anything away just yet.

Now you need to straighten up the other side. I lined up  my first straight cut line on the straight line of my mat and cut 8 1/2 inches. I used a second ruler to keep myself straight the entire way. My excess fabric was covering my guideline so by using the extra ruler and moving it along while I cut I kept fairly straight.

Do this with both your left staggering steps and right staggering steps for total 3 each.

Now for the cream stripes, I used Moda grunge White Paper. I cut them 81/2 inches x the width of the fabric and you will need 6 strips. It’s super important that you cut these strips on the straight grain. So check your first strip to make sure you have no curves or distortion at the fold. You will need to cut your strips with a 45 degree angle, when you cut this you will have the upper piece that goes above the colored chevrons and the piece below the colored chevrons. I didn’t go crazy being exact about my cutting because I knew I would trim it after quilting. Open up the strip into one long piece before cutting. So somewhere around 4-5inches from the selvedge I laid the upper part of the ruler, remember that the 45Degree is on the straight long edge.


Now right sides together, and 1/4 inch offset with your seams ( see the little blue hanging out and then the little grunge hanging over on the other side)


sew across my friend, Do this with each of the chevrons pay attention to the direction of your cut. I kept my colored chevron close by to make sure I was cutting the right direction.


This isn’t a good picture but you can see how to sew your chevrons together. Take one right and one left chevron.If you ironed your seams in same direction they should nest and that is where you need to sew. I did pin along and took my time doing it. after you get a few inches sewn, open up what you just sewed to make sure your seams are aligning.


I’m aware this is a nearly finished pic of the quilt but visually it allows you to see everything come together . Sew you will sew  the rights to the left chevrons to make 3 big chevrons then sew them side by side . Your top where your starting to sew your seam may be off, mine was, that’s ok because we are going to trim it after quilting.

Ready to quilt your chevron quilt?




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