Scrappy Chevron Pillow

I admit, I’m really bad at saving scraps. However, I do try to use everything up. I fell in love with this solid bundle from V and Co. I actually love working with solids. The quilt that I made with this bundle can be found here. I had enough left over to play and try and do something else. Here’s what I came up with!

Check out the shop for some great fabrics and bundles.


I made strip sets for the chevron quilt. They were made with 2 1/2″ strips that I stacked( sew your strips off by about 2 1/4″ they look like stairs). You will need to stack them to the left and to the right.IMG_3320

Line up the 45 degree line of your ruler on one of the seams and cut straight through the strips and you will have the start of your diamond. flip the set and then line up the straight edge of the ruler at the 2 1/2 inch line with the fresh cut line.

Please remember that you are seeing big strips that I made for a quilt and they were leftovers that I used. The pillow looks like you need 7-8 strips in your stair set to give it a true scrappy feeling.

You need to cut 3 sets from each of your strip sets, both the right steps and left steps. This creates a set that when sewn together gives you a chevron look.

Sew your sets together, one right and one left to give the full set.Make 3 sets, then sew the 3 sets together, trim the sets up for a 16.5″ square. Don’t trim the sides any more, just from theta and bottom. This is a 16″ pillow when done.


In this picture you can see the envelope backing, see the 2 folded pieces overlap in the center and the raw edges are all facing out.


When I trimmed up my pillow I use an envelope backing technique ( you can remove your pillow form easy and switch out pillows, wash etc.) This is the pink gingham fabric you see in the back. I use a piece of fabric 18″ x WOF, cut in half and then fold each half in half wrong sides together. Lay down these 2 halves with the fold in the center and one piece overlapping the other.then lay down your chevron square. pin around , baste around the edge 1/4″ ,trim again.

Add Binding and flip binding to back and stitch, then insert your pillow!IMG_3496


Hope you enjoy this little project! Thanks SEW much for stopping by, Colleen

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