On Trend Triangle Quilt

There’s lots of triangle quilts out there. They are super simple and trendy right now. Although I have no instructions on making this quilt there are so many out there, I’m sure you can find one. This is a great fat quarter bundle quilt too. Tip – I added white to mine just to rest your eye, plus I love white in quilts. It makes them feel clean, fresh and trendy.

Other than sharing some pictures I do have a couple of tips and I made some scrappy binding to match the scrappy feeling. On Trend from Riley Blake Designs was quite popular and no longer available for me to purchase. Check out the shop for all the other great things in the shop!

Here’s the bundles in my shop


Tip – In the picture above you can see that not only did I use plain triangles I actually strip pieced some of my scraps and then cut triangles out of them. I tried to use my whole bundle. I had done something else with this bundle.



My free motion design was from Free-Motion quilting with Angela Walters ( This is an affiliate link and I may make a small commission if you click on the link. You will not be charged anything different by checking out the link.).

My tip?… use a cookbook holder for your book so you can glance at it while sewing. When I do a new design I usually draw it a couple times on paper and then keep a book or my sketch there to constantly glance at it until I learn it.

My binding was some leftover strips that I pieced together and then cut 2″ across over and over. I sewed all those together to make a long 2″ binding that alternated ¬†pinks and navy fabrics. It was a biased binding but a great way to add a similar look and feel.

I hope you picked up a little inspiration and a couple tips that you might use as well!

Thanks SEW much! See ya soon, Colleen

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