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Easy Decorator Pumpkins


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Make this simple decorator inspired pumpkins with your cutting machine!
Grandin Road inspired pumpkins for less!

I love Halloween. I love Grandiin Road for all their Halloween decor but it’s a little pricey, but this is a great alternative and so much cheaper. I might even get more pumpkins when they go further on sale. This was a super quick and super cute project to make with your silhouette cameo.

This is the free dingbat font I used, trick or treat,  for personal use only, download it and restart your computer.

I bought carveable pumpkins in 3 different sizes from my local craft store, I was happy with the black but I did spray metallic black paint to make it shiny. I also spray painted the cream pumpkin gloss white and then handprinted the little orange pumpkin a brighter orange.

I cleaned the outside with rubbing alcohol to remove all dirt and oils for better paint adherence. Even if your not painting your pumpkins and just adding the sticker elements you need to clean your pumpkins well.

Here’s my tip , use a glass jar or can from recycling to do hands free painting, put the stem in the jar and paint the upper part, twisting the can around so you paint all sides.


I took elements from the font and downloaded them in to my silhouette cameo software. I just repeated the elements and made them larger, I grouped them, duplicated them until I had about 1/4-1/3 of a page filled with them, I did stars, moons, and bats. I did 3 different colors as well.

Cut your shapes out, I used, glossy white vinyl, metallic purple and matte black.


After the stickers were cut out I just applied them to the pumpkins. The black pumpkin was so big. It was quickly obvious to me that I didn’t make enough of the moons so I just did the upper part of the pumpkin. Both my daughter and I thought that it looked great.

As of yet I did not seal them. the stickers seem to be doing a great job sticking. If that changes I will update the post.


The Halloween banner is the posting before this, super simple sewing project for Halloween decor.

Thanks so much, Hope all you plot cutter owners love this! Happy Halloween! Colleen

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