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Best Clamshell Quilt Template


Template quilting is all the rage right now. I found a great company making curved shapes simpler, I hope they come out with more!

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The 6″templates are here and the 4″ templates are here.

I used 8 different fabrics, I featured the Lewis and Irene mermaids in white and blue.

I did 9 across so the width is going to be about 50″ and as you can see I’m still adding, I think about 3/4 yard from the 8 fabrics should make the quilt long enough.

The templates are amazing because of the slit system, as you sew you match up the cut slits. It took a little time to get used to it. Of the 3 I’ve used this one is the most difficult.

You can see the slits in the second photo. I used a small rotary cutting a 28mm and I think maybe a rotating mat would have been helpful, I did 4 layers of fabric stacked at a time . I cut my slits by just pressing the cutter straight down, I think all you need is a slit  to help line up the fabric properly. You will see the slits look large but they only allow for a small cut. I would not us a tiny rotary cutter because it would make a big slit into the seam allowance.


In the pictures you can see that your ends are odd and when the quilt is all done it will need to be squared off. This is a great new product ( well new to me ). Share with friends and have fun making this quilt, perfect for any mermaid fabric!


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